Two Ton Shoe goes to CHURCH

Hello again, and so soon! Two Ton Shoe had such a blast at the last gig over the summer we decided to ramp up again for another, this time at Church, in the Fenway in Boston (formerly the Linwood Grill) on Thursday, October 1st, doors at 9 p.m (we promise not to hit the stage too late on a school night...). Justin, Jeff and Jake will again be joined by Tom Arey on drums, and expect to hear a couple new tunes from a TTS album now in the works. You can buy advance tickets here: Two Ton Shoe's latest CD "Never Cancel the Stage!" is available on iTunes and ( - please pick up a copy so Justin can buy some new guitar cables. Drop us a line at or directly on - we'd love to hear from you. Best, Jake, Jeff, Justin