From the recording Another Man


Don't play that music
It reminds me of better days.
Before our love
Started to fade away.

I always wanted
To give you everything you need.
But it was never enough
To make you feel like I loved you. (like our love was real)

Get another man
To let you down.

You've got your roses.
And you've got your diamond rings.
But it's clear to me you're not satisfied
With anything.

So you'll find another interest.
He'll be cool like I used to be
And you'll cut him to size then apologize.
He'll be a fool, he'll be a fool like me.

Get another man...

You had a way of making me smile
With your words, your touch, and your style.
I can't believe it's come down to this
I'm going to miss you

So why don't you...