From the recording Lowdown


i feel like i don't know what's changed
all the feelings that are on my mind.
i feel like i don't know anymore
what's yours and what is mine.

i feel like i don't know where to go,
what to do or what i should say.
it's lookin' like i can't make it
so i'm gonna find me another way.

i'm looking for a lowdown, come around,
steppin' out of this dog pound.

i need to slow down, listen to the sound
of the outbound, goin' round and round.

i'm at the lowdown, come around.
am i losin' what i just found, out of bounds?

i'm at the touchdown, turnaround.
with my feet in the air and my ear to the ground.

i feel like i don't have what it takes
to be a full-fledged contender.
can i get a second chance
or will i be another great pretender?

and you're thinkin' i'm out of control.
and you're thinkin' i'm losin' my soul.
i gotta find another way.
and it's right next door.

yes i'm lookin' for a lowdown . . .