"Never Cancel the Stage!"

Oh my god! Two Ton Shoe has a new CD out in 2008, with 12 brand spanking new songs from the songwriting powerhouse of Gilman and Beech, and some tasty licks from Shapiro. Funded on a Shoestring, we appreciate your support for the band by buying the CD from CDBaby or on iTunes. Buy it on CD Baby


16 damn good tunes. The best TTS on one thick disc. Even in a digital age it's nice to have a CD with liner notes and stuff. buy the CD at CD Baby

"Figures" and "Resoled"

Now you can buy our tunes as digital downlods from MP3Tunes.com. You can cherry pick or buy the whole album. buy this at MP3Tunes.com MP3tunes is a digital music company, providing products and services to music listeners and recording artists.


If you prefer ITunes you can now get "Resoled" in the ITunes Music Store. buy this at the iTunes Music Store

Two Ton Shoe Korean Special Edition Double Album

This is the Pastel Music Korean Special Edition of "Resoled & More". It's a double CD with 24 total tunes, nice booklet with all the lyrics (in English) and some Korean stuff that we can't read. buy the CD at CD Baby