TTS formed in 1995 from the ashes of Mystery Jones, Cheating Ace, Freewill, Krazler, Uzhe Khuzhe, and an assortment of Boston bands & projects. 4 guys with lots of ideas, lots of live experience, and a drive to sound new. Hundreds of shows later, thousands of CDs sold as an indie, Two Ton Shoe keeps putting out a unique blend of blue-eyed soul, deep rock influences, and a pop edge that cuts into new territory. Think Jellyfish meets Kravitz meets Steely meets Halen meets Prince meets... The original lineup of TTS included Justin Beech (vocals, guitar), Dave DiCenso (drums, vocals) Jeff Gilman (bass, vocals), and Jake Shapiro (guitar, vocals). Dave departed TTS in 2002, and the likes of John O'Reilly, Kevin Shurtleff, Chad Smith, Mike Mangini, Troy Velasquez, Larry Finn, Pete Maclean, and Joe Patten fill in on drums. TTS was also one of the first bands to take advantage of the internet for independent distribution. With the help of MIT Media Lab whiz kid Keith Martin, the Shoe put up a website with MP3s in 1995, and was a top downloaded artist on MP3.com throughout the late 90s. In 1999 TTS was voted "best band on the internet" (and won $20k worth of gear...not too shabby). As a result the Shoe enjoys a worldwide fanbase, from Italy to Brazil to Russia and South Korea. In 2005 TTS inked a deal with Pastel Music in South Korea to release a double CD for distribution in east Asia.