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Two Ton Shoe: Links

TTS MySpace page!
seems all the 'cool' kids have one, so now we do too.
Check out Jeff Gilman and new music on his website
M.O Joe CD
Another Gilmania joint - available on CDBaby.
Justin Beech
Justin Beech has a website! A good place to check for his frequent solo dates around Boston and parts beyond. Another Jim Walent joint.
The Public Radio Exchange (PRX)
This is where Jake Shapiro of TTS has been spending his time - building a new online radio distribution service. Check it out.
Pastel Music
Pastel Music is our label in South Korea, with help from our favorite dude Kwanho!
Mortal Music
the immortal Andy Pinkham's cool studio in Charlestown MA where TTS has made glorious music
Korean band covering "Medicine"
This is a link to a windows media file of a Korean band called "chu-ri-ning" covering our tune "Medicine". Gotta love it! (thanks to Adam Prato for posting this on our Guestbook)
Dave DiCenso's website
Check in on Dave's various activities these days. Another Jim Walent joint.
Last FM
Curious about what people who listen to TTS also like to listen to? This is a site that does that kind of thing. Pretty neat.