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Two Ton Shoe: Buy Our CDs

"Never Cancel the Stage!" - CD

Oh my god! Two Ton Shoe has a new CD out in 2008, with 12 brand spanking new songs from the songwriting powerhouse of Gilman and Beech, and some tasty licks from Shapiro. Funded on a Shoestring, we appreciate your support for the band by buying the CD from CDBaby or on iTunes.
Buy it on CD Baby

"Resoled" - CD

16 damn good tunes. The best TTS on one thick disc. Even in a digital age it's nice to have a CD with liner notes and stuff.
buy the CD at CD Baby

"Figures" and "Resoled" - MP3s

Now you can buy our tunes as digital downlods from You can cherry pick or buy the whole album.
buy this at
MP3tunes is a digital music company, providing products and services to music listeners and recording artists.

"Resoled" - ITunes

If you prefer ITunes you can now get "Resoled" in the ITunes Music Store.
buy this at the iTunes Music Store

Two Ton Shoe Korean Special Edition Double Album - Double CD

This is the Pastel Music Korean Special Edition of "Resoled & More". It's a double CD with 24 total tunes, nice booklet with all the lyrics (in English) and some Korean stuff that we can't read.
buy the CD at CD Baby